C.A.U. – College Aged

If you are 18-24 years old and are seeking to continue your spiritual journey and want to find a group of young adults, CAU is for you!


Meeting Sundays 10:00 to 10:30 am in the Sanctuary (You may determine when and where you will meet.)

Twelve Steps to Get CAU Started

  1. Start with a book study using Rev. Robert Brumet’s book, Finding Yourself in Transition.
    • Use study guide from Spiritual Enrichment Education and receive SEE credit by filling out form and paying fee.
    • Need facilitators for each week.
  2. One Sunday a month, for example: the first (choose a week that works for most) Sunday of the month go to a neighboring church (if there are any in your area). We will visit a different Unity church every month. If you are from that church you may be the host for the group.
  3. Explore ways to serve in a volunteer position for area Unity churches.
  4. Explore fundraising possibilities that do not interfere with anything else the church is doing.
  5. Make contact with the (AUCI) Unity Worldwide Ministries and the UMMAS region (or your region) for ideas, help, and guidelines.
  6. Invite friends and classmates to participate
  7. Set up a roster with agreed upon communication, for example email, text, phone call, facebook, twitter.
  8. Establish phone/ email/ text chain. Meaning each person has someone who contacts them and they have someone they contact. The last person contacts the first person making the chain complete and also allows the first person to assume everyone has been contacted.
  9. Always begin and end every meeting, activity, or program in prayer.
  10. Establish a heart agreement.
  11. Agree upon Order of time or Agenda. This is important to honor everyone’s time.
  12. Sign Up to facilitate.
Download this file (CAU half page UCOR.pdf)CAU half page UCOR.pdf[ ]358 kB

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